Plotting & Printing

Jeysun Plotting & Printing Centre is approximately for 9 years in the field of Reprographic Solutions: B/W & Colour, DTP, Plotting (B/W & Colour) and scaning. It can provide a special solution for digitization work which includes GIS applications.

Jeysun's aim is to give you access to quality products printing without wasting any time or energy. At Jeysun, we promise to provide unique, affordable and easy printing solutions.

We cater to the printing needs of everyone who has a printing job at hand! The simple and easy to navigate process will have your order placed in a matter of minutes!

We are supporting "docx., doc, ppt, pptx, jpg, png, pdf" formats . We have machines equipped to handle printing in a variety of sizes, from A4 to A0.

More specifically we do,

  • B&W/Colour Print
  • Scan
  • Xerox
  • Amonia Blue Print
  • Soft & Spiral Binding
  • Lamination
  • CAD Training Classes
  • Students Project Work

Student's Project